Health Dollars


HealthDollars is a product of Expansion Health, LLC., an Indianapolis based company focused on helping health systems deliver their multiple digital patient services into a single mobile app experience. The Expansion Health mobile app platform allows providers to brand, aggregate, market and deliver ALL their digital services from ONE PLACE regardless of vendor. (i.e. payment, scheduling, patient portals, virtual visits, etc.). In addition, and unique to our platform, we use patient out-of-pocket payment as the accelerator and common engagement point for driving more adoption and utilization of all your digital services. With the simple snap of a picture, patients can pay ANY healthcare bill from ANY healthcare provider all in one place. Allowing health systems to provide patients an experience that's "Amazon" easy, and meets the growing demand for digital services that are convenient to access, simple to use and accessible all from one place.

What’s the benefit to your health system?

  • Engage patients quicker in your digital services, and get paid faster.
  • Streamline patient access for ALL your digital services into a single app experience.
  • Prominently place your brand on your patients most used device.
  • Provide a highly satisfying mobile experience that easily adapts as your digital services expand.

Best of all, we’ve made getting started the quickest and easiest implementation you will ever experience… Guaranteed! Requiring NO systems integration or changes to existing payment workflows. Our mobile platform meets the strictest HIPAA and PCI compliance standards, while delivering a highly satisfying mobile experience that easily adapts as digital services expand. No matter where you are on the digital services journey, we help make it "Amazon" easy for both you and your patients.